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If you notice discharge from a dog’s nipples, you may be concerned because you might have heard that this can be cancer. While cancer is always a
possibility, there are several other causes for nipple discharge in dogs.

You should see your vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. This article is only an idea of what can cause nipple discharge in dogs. Only your vet can determine exactly what your dog has.

when i squeeze my dogs nipples liquid comes out

How Do Mammary Glands Develop?

Mammary glands are modified sweat glands that are present in both male and female embryos during fetal development. The nipples are indistinguishable at birth until sex hormones begin to be released. The female hormones contribute to the development of mammary glands and their secretory function.

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Understanding Nipples in Dogs

First of all, a lesson on dog anatomy. Think about how all dogs have nipples: male dogs, female dogs, spayed dogs, neutered dogs, and intact dogs. Female dogs use their nipples to deliver milk from their mammary glands so that they can nourish a batch of puppies. Puppy dogs are hungry.

The female dog has two rows of mammary glands on each side of her torso. While in general all dogs are known for having anywhere between 8 to 12 mammary glands, large breeds have about 10 while smaller breeds have about 8.

There are no rules written in stone, though sometimes you may encounter dogs with extra nipples or missing nipples. If you want to learn more about where they are located, consider that large breeds usually have the following:

  • 1 pair of cranial thoracic teats
  • 1 pair of caudal thoracic teats
  • 1 pair of cranial abdominal teats
  • 1 pair of caudal abdominal teats
  • 1 pair of inguinal teats

Each nipple is surrounded by several openings that allow milk to excrete when the puppy sucksle.

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